Meraki for Small Business

Resilient IT for business resiliency

A cloud-first platform for transformative business experiences

The Cisco Meraki platform is the foundation for small businesses to ease into change and digitally transform to deliver unparalleled customer and employee experiences.


Central Management

Central Management

Security Prioritization

Flexible APIs and Integrations

A Complete IT Portfolio

Provide connectivity, security, and intelligence through seamless integrations powered by the Meraki platform across Meraki and Cisco products, and third-party apps


Secure connectivity with Wi-Fi 6, powerful switches, and mobile device management


Enterprise-grade security against online threats and extended cellular connectivity


Environmental monitoring and protection for teams with smart cameras and sensors

Meraki can help you create revolutionary experiences that allow everyone to work more flexibly.

There are important people, places, and things that require connectivity, safety, and intelligence to be successful. Experiences are structured to optimize workspaces, adding smarts to your places and things to create actionable insights. Leverage a platform designed to suit any customer’s working needs to build experiences that last.

Cisco Meraki has four core experiences:

Smart Spaces

  • Wi-Fi 6 with built-in location analytics for understanding foot traffic and customer behavior, and optimizing marketing
  • Physical security and cost savings from real-time environmental insights without on-premises infrastructure with smart cameras
  • People and car detection for safer experiences, motion heatmaps, customer alerting at counters, alerting for suspicious activity, line length detection, and ease of investigating incidents
  • Protection of critical IT infrastructure by monitoring temperature, humidity, water leaks, and intrusion with sensors
  • Open APIs and an ecosystem of partners for turnkey solutions, e.g. EVERYANGLE enables face-mask detection and traffic analytics

Safe Environments

  • Industry-leading security from Cisco Talos threat intelligence (Umbrella, AMP, IPS)
  • Rich analytics for application, ISP, and voice provider health
  • SD-WAN for dynamic failover and policy- and performance-based routing
  • Safe occupancy for physical spaces with precise object detection and monitoring
  • Site-to-site VPN connectivity in three clicks with Auto VPN
  • IoT sensor integration for realtime environmental monitoring

Remote workforce

  • Wi-Fi 6 for resilient connectivity with actionable network health insights
  • MR teleworker VPN for full remote connectivity and corporate network access
  • All-in-one secure connectivity for remote workers with teleworker gateways
  • Visibility and security of BYOD and company mobile devices with Systems Manager
  • Auto VPN that encrypts data and securely connects remote sites in just 2 clicks
  • Monitor performance of business-critical SaaS apps used by teleworkers

Hybrid workforce

  • Wi-Fi 6 access points for flawless experiences, with builtin location analytics
  • Stackable switches to connect wired and wireless office devices
  • All-in-one secure connectivity for remote workers with teleworker gateways
  • All-in-one secure connectivity for remote workers with teleworker gateways
  • Visibility and security of mobile devices and business data with Systems Manager
  • Optimal network performance with failover or primary cellular connectivity